Friday, September 16, 2011

Gordon Throws Out Conspiracy Spin Out

Huh, so Jeffy said Menard might of spun out on purpose.
Conspiracy Theory: Did Paul Menard Intentionally Spin Out At Richmond? -
Menard's radio chatter was highlighted by Jimmy Spencer this week on Speed's Race Hub, and Gordon said people have told him it was questionable.
"What I heard was something about some communication about needing a caution, not needing a caution, and then they were giving the gaps between me and the 29 car, the distance as I closed in," he said. "I think after I passed them and they said something, and Paul asked, 'Do you need the caution? Don't need the caution?' Then they said 'Go to Channel 2' and then they spun out.
" Menard hasn't commented on the issue yet, but Harvick said Thursday his teammate had a tire issue that caused the spin.
Somehow if we were talking about any other driver then Harvick, I would say this is nuts. But since Harvick is involved, I will just ......., I don't know, Hummmmm, I wonder.

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