Sunday, August 07, 2011

Farmers Get Who They Vote For

I see this article about new regulations for farmers. From JSOnline.

Farmers thrash idea of commercial licenses - JSOnline:

 "Tim Strobel has been driving a tractor for 20 years, so he's a bit puzzled that federal officials are kicking around an idea that could ultimately force him - and anyone else operating farm machinery - to get a commercial driver's license.

Yes, the same kind of license that interstate truckers must have to operate their rigs.

'I am not against some training, but this is going a little bit overboard,' said Strobel, a dairy farmer from Watertown.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has been collecting public comments on the notion, which the agency insists doesn't yet merit being called a 'proposal.'

But it's far enough along that the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, state Agriculture Secretary Ben Brancel, and a bipartisan group of 21 U.S. senators, among others, are speaking out against it.

Farm Bureau officials say Transportation Department proposals aimed at reclassifying agricultural machinery as commercial motor vehicles could lead to a requirement that farmers get a commercial license to move equipment on roads between fields and to their local grain mills.

It's 'overreaching and unnecessary,' said Karen Gefvert, Wisconsin Farm Bureau director of governmental relations."

Huh, So farmers don't mind milk subsidies, ethanol subsidies and all the other handouts they get from the government. You don't say! 

 Now the arm of big brother tells them to get a CDL and they say it is overreaching? 

You can't have it your way all the time. 

Keep voting for democrats and RINO's and this is what you get! What will they make farmers do next ?

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