Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What The Hell Is Cowles Saying

From the Green Bay Press. Rob Cowles won 56 to 43, with 51.7 percent of active registered voters casting ballots which you don't read until the twelfth paragraph. Cowles trounced Nusbaum! This wasn't a close vote! The right spoke with their votes! Then the last two paragraphs we read this from Cowles.  

 Regardless of the outcome Tuesday night, Cowles — long considered one of the more moderate members of his party — said both sides need to begin working together and putting the past six months behind them.

“It’s my inclination to work with people. I know it’s going to be difficult to put the wounds behind us,” he said. "But I think in talking to my colleagues the last few days, I think there’s a strong will to do that.”

What the heck is he talking about? Has he lost his mind?  "Work with people", "put the wounds behind us", say what? The dems, unions, teachers were out to throw him out of office. They were willing to spend as much money as they could, say anything they wanted and would do anything to boot Cowles out of office, and he wants to get along? Talking about "putting the wounds behind us", voters of the right have been castigated, spit on, swore at and he wants the people who voted for him to just forget what they did to him and the silent majority. What the heck are you saying Rob? You won, they lost! 

Cowles won, Nusbaum lost and we can stick our finger at the unions for what they did to the people of Wisconsin! Did he forget Madison this past spring? Did he forget people getting death threats? Did he forget the damage to the capitol? 

Now is not the time for compromise! We have the dems with their tails between their legs and we will not turn the other cheek! 

Rob Cowles won his election because the people of his district want to take this state forward, not backwards and work with democrats. If Cowles wants those same votes next year, he better change his mind set and do the work the voters sent him to Madison for. If he doesn't change there will be someone running against him in the next election.


Anonymous said...

This is nothing new from Cowles, it's why he's seen by many as a moderate.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Thanks Brad,

I sure hope he learned his lesson from this election. Maybe he needs competition from the right?

Have a GREAT Week