Saturday, August 13, 2011

Aaron Rogers A Conservative

From the Green Bay Press.

Two points about the visit by the Green Bay Packers to the White House with Obama.

 Woodson presented Obama with a stock certificate for a share in the Green Bay franchise, the only publicly owned team in the National Football League. The president also received a team jersey with No. 1 and “Commander in Chief” on it.

First, what will Obama do with the stock certificate? Try to sell it. It's worth more than the US Dollar.

Second. did anyone notice Aaron Rogers was standing on the right side on the steps going up to the White House. The MVP and he wasn't front and center with the prez. Makes you wonder.

“Being a history major, this is a special experience to be in the White House. It’s incredible, “ Rodgers told reporters later. “To do it with the guys you spent so much time with and went through so much together, it’s a special, special day.” Asked what he thinks Obama will do with a jersey from the archrivals of his favorite team, Rodgers didn’t hold out much hope. “I’m not sure this one’s going to make a wall or even a first storage unit,” he said. “Might be in one of the backup storage units.”

A packer jersey in the back up storage unit! Batta bing, botta boom, Right out the writers from Jay Leno. 

If Rogers is a history major then he was away from the prez because of what the president is doing to this country. A true history expert knows what is happening to this country. He wanted nothing to do with Obama. 

Seems Aaron Rogers is showing his conservative political views. 

Way to go # 12. 

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