Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Republicans 4 of 6, Get Out The Crying Towel

JSOnline reports last nights election results. After dems, unions and the Obama administration spent how many millions of dollars and could not take over the Wisconsin senate. 

Call me a wambulance!!!!!!!!!!!

Republicans take 4 of 6 in recall elections, hold Senate - JSOnline:

"Democrats won two state Senate seats in Tuesday's historic recall elections, but failed to capture a third seat that would have given them control of the chamber.

By keeping a majority in the Senate, Republicans retained their monopoly on state government because they also hold the Assembly and governor's office. Tuesday's elections narrowed their majority - at least for now - from 19-14 to a razor-thin 17-16.

Republicans may be able to gain back some of the losses next week, when two Democrats face recall elections.

Democrats had hoped to block the Republican agenda by taking control of the Senate in the recall elections, but the GOP should be able to continue to advance its agenda."

Question. Will dems spend big money to hold the two Dem Wisconsin state senate seats in next weeks elections? 

In northern Wisconsin we vote for 

Send Jim Holperin home next Tuesday.

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