Friday, August 12, 2011

Jim Holperin Giving Up On His Election Bid

Once in a while the Shawano Leader let's the cat out of the bag even if they don't know it. Seems the people of Shawano will get a tax rate decrease because of Scott Walker and the republicans legislation from this past spring.  Seems Jim Holperin is not sure if that is good for the people of Wisconsin. 

First, why did the Leader ask Holperin this question? He doesn't represent the Shawano school district. Besides that, seems Jim is more concerned about the teachers union then the people of Wisconsin. 

"Does the tax rate decrease indicate his plan is working?

Not surprisingly, local legislators offered differing opinions.

Sen. Jim Holperin, D-Conover, said the plan may be working, but the budget changes meant less revenue for Shawano School District.

“That was our concern,” said Holperin, who opposed the budget repair bill. As property tax rates fall, it “usually — not every case, but usually — means less revenue for school districts to operate the schools on. It’s good news, I guess, for the property taxpayers of the state; it’s not so good news for the school districts of the state.”"

Second, Holperin thinks the Walker plan may be working? Jim, so you agree with Governor Walker?  Hell is freezing over.

Mrs B made a good point. Seems Jim Holperin isn't even trying to get elected. Did he give up on the election five days before the election?  This is telling. 

Then Holperin is not sure if a tax rate decrease is good? Holy cow. 

Jim Holperin is out of touch with his voters and needs to be given his pink slip on Tuesday. 

This would be a GREAT commercial to run before Tuesday. 

People of Wisconsin get a tax decrease and Jim Holperin says, "It’s good news, I guess, for the property taxpayers of the state"! 

Jim, give us a straight answer. Is it or is it not good for tax payers. Is Holperin for the people of Wisconsin or for the unions who are giving him money?  

I guess it's time for Kim Simac to represent us in Madsion. 

Vote Simac August 16th.

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