Thursday, August 11, 2011

Holperin Not Sure, Then Knows His Voters

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"And Holperin acknowledges it will be a close race as both candidates try to sway the undecided voters one way or the other.

'I've found that as I've traveled around the district over the past two or three months, that more than in any other election I've been involved in, people know how they're going to vote,' Holperin says. 'They know how they feel about me, they know how they feel about my opponent and they were ready to vote three months ago.'

And those voters won't have to wait long to cast their ballot."

Jim here makes a couple of assumptions. First, so he traveled the last two or three months in his district. Since he doesn't visit his district very much, he's not sure how long he's been campaigning.  He admits that's the most he has ever campaigned? What's he done before? Seems Jim is out of touch with his voters.  

Second, he knows how his constituents feel about him? 

You bet Jim, we didn't like you running off to Illinois instead of doing your work in Madison. Time to send you back to private life.

Vote Kim Simac Tuesday.



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