Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Strong Support For Kloppenburg At Recount

From the Stevens Point Journal. 

Early reports from Portage County Recount for State Supreme Court race.

Representatives for both Prosser and Kloppenburg hung out around Conference Room 1 in the Courthouse Annex, where the recount is taking place. At least six people registered under Prosser’s name on the sign-in sheet at the entrance, with only two showing up from the Kloppenburg camp.

What happen here? Two people for Kloppenburg and six for Prosser. I thought Portage County was a dem stronghold with Lassa? Where are all the radicals from UWSP?

And the State of Wisconsin will spend up to a million bucks on this recount?   

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Kevin Barthel said...

Last week we had at times 6 for Prosser and 0 for Kloppenburg at Oconto County Court House