Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hansen, Holperin Short Money, Why Not Just Drop Out Of The Recall Race

Wis. GOP senator raises $230k as lawmakers attempt to fight recall efforts :: The Republic:
"Sen. Jim Holperin of Conover and Sen. Dave Hansen of Green Bay lead Democratic contributions. Both campaigns report more than $90,000 in contributions in the last month. The majority came from the state Democratic Party."

So most came from the dem party? So where's Hansen and Holperin's grassroots contributers? Huh, I think they both will need more. I'm just waiting to find out who will run against these two FLEEBAGGERS? Who do I write the check to?

You sure you two dems maybe, ah, might want to resign before the fun begins? 

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Kevin Barthel said...

Potential candidates are already considering! Expect to retire both these guys this summer!