Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ribble Moving Left, Shocked!!!!!!!

I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED that Reid Ribble would go along wirh Obama on ending oil subsidies.

A few weeks ago, Republican Rep. Reid Ribble caused barely a ripple when he suggested that Congress should consider ending federal tax breaks for the highly profitable oil and gas industry.

Barely a ripple, I must of missed this. Seems John Boehner is on board with him too!

But House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, sent shock waves through the Republican establishment when he likewise suggested on ABC News that oil and gas subsidies should be on the table in the budget debate as the federal government is buckling under the weight of nearly $15 trillion in debt and a projected $1.6 trillion deficit for the current fiscal year.

Here's Ribbles buddy agreeing with him and Boehner.

Taking advantage of an apparent crack in the GOP armor on the revenue side of the budget-balancing equation, President Barack Obama this week highlighted Boehner's remarks in a letter Tuesday calling for an immediate repeal of an estimated $4 billion in tax breaks for oil and gas companies.

"I was heartened that Speaker Boehner yesterday expressed openness to eliminating these tax subsidies for the oil and gas industry," Obama said in his letter to House and Senate leaders. "Our political system has for too long avoided and ignored this important step, and I hope we can come together in a bipartisan manner to get it done."

So Ribble wants to end subsidies and what does Ron Johnson want to do? 

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson says one way the U.S. can attack oil prices is by drilling more in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.

At least some logic from Mr Johnson. 

For all that voted for Ribble, you can't be surprised, can you. I wonder what really happened at this past years Super Bowl party at the White House. Reid must of gotten his marching orders from POTUS.

I could guess the conversation. It probably went something like this. 

"Reid, I like you, This summer you need to start coming around to my side. There will be plenty of invites for you if you do." 

That sounds about right. Ribble moving left.


Jeremy R. Shown said...


I just want to be clear, are you really for subsidies for oil & gas?

You don't like ethanol subsidies, why should oil subsidies be any different?

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Jeremy, thank you for the comment.

The problem is not the subsidies. The problem is Obama, the problem is we are not drilling our own oil, the problem is Ribble playing politics with $4.09 gasoline. Speaking of Ethanol, will Ribble repeal corn subsidies? Highly unlikely. He needs the farm vote.

It coat me $105.00 to fill up my truck. That's about $55.00 more then I paid two years ago.

Why is he moving to the center. Why can't he say we should drill like Johnson said.

I voted in the 8th race but I didn't vote for Ribble.

I sat through four years of Kagen and I see Ribble turning soft already.

I just call them the way I see them.

To you and your family, have a GREAT weekend.

Dad29 said...


The DEMOCRAT Senator from Oklahoma took Obama (and Ribble, and Boehner) to school on the issue.

These "subsidies"--which are tax deductions in reality--are used by small, independent oil exploration firms, not by Big Oil.

What will happen? If the 'subsidies' go away, only Big Oil will remain, which is ideal for the Statists, b/c it's a lot easier to control members of an oligopoly, no?

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Thanks Dad,

Sure, Ribble wants to screw small business. He forgot already that he too was once a small business owner.

Now he's just a Washington insider. I knew it wouldn't take long for him to show his true colors.

Have a GREAT weekend