Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shawano, New Lights Might, Could Save Money

From the Shawano Leader

Street lamp switch is on in city

By Lee Pulaski
Work crews with the city of Shawano started the arduous process this week of installing 595 LED lights on street lamps, which will cover more than two-thirds of the community’s lights.

Shawano received a grant for $159,500 to install the lights. To get the grant, the city had to put up $173,750 as a matching contribution.

There are 880 street lamps within the city, but the mass replacement of most of the old high-pressure sodium vapor lights will produce many benefits, according to City Administrator Jim Stadler. Besides the potential energy savings that could cut down on city costs, the LED lights will also cover a focused area that should avoid infringing on residents’ property while keeping the streets lit.

Can someone explain what "potential energy savings" means? Will it or will the new lights not save the city money? In the same sentence, "could cut down on city costs", so Jim's not sure? Why did the city spend $173,750 if he's not sure if it will save money?

When will the people of Shawano wake up. Seems they might want to replace their city administrator.

Side note, did the author have to change their real name to a pen name. Didn't want to give their real name? I mean really, Lee Pulaski? Are they related to General Pulaski? Pulaski is about twenty miles from Shawano and it just seems kind of strange Lee 's last name is Pulaski. What I tell my children, "I used to be a poor polish kid too, now I'm a middle income European."  


Dad29 said...

Let's concede that the energy-savings WILL be as reported.

That's not the problem. LED lights emit almost zero heat. During the winter, when wind-driven heavy snow covers the lenses on stoplights (and streetlights), the snow does NOT melt off LED-lit lenses.

So you'll have energy savings and you'll have no traffic signals.

Helluva deal.

Paul - Berry Laker said...


Will they then have to hire more city employees to clean off the lights?

What a deal the people of Shawano are getting.

Have a GREAT day

Dad29 said...


Installing LED lights could reduce energy consumption by 30 to 60 percent, but there is a significant upfront charge for retrofitting equipment - payback would take more than 50 years to realize, Porter said.

That's from the City of Wauwatosa.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Thanks Dad for the info.

Have a good night.