Saturday, April 30, 2011

Holperin Trying To Save His Behind

Seems Jim Holperin and four other comrades held a meeting in Antigo.

WJFW Newswatch 12: Print Story:

"Local Democratic Leaders Hold Budget Forum 
Submitted: 04/29/2011

Antigo - Democratic Senator Jim Holperin led the meeting but was joined by Senator Bob Jauch.

Three state Democratic representatives also appeared: Janet Bewley, Penny Bernard Schaber, and Louis Molepske Jr.

It was an open forum for people around Northern Wisconsin to voice their opinion about the proposed budget. Veteran Affairs. Recycling programs. Education. Road maintenance. These are a just of the topics discussed at Friday night's open session.

The five Democratic leaders held the open session for three hours."

First, did Holperin and his group ever hold meetings the last two years when Doyle was gov.?

Second, did he ever let his constituents know there was going to be a meeting? Not that I  know of.

I think it's time for Mr. Holperin to take a well deserved vacation. July 12th is the day we send Jim Holperin home!

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kevin barthel said...

Because of his actions in Feb/Mar in Illinois, Holperin has a character problem. He will pay for his bad judgement in the Recall Election. Obviously we knew how he would vote - but running away from his job was inexcusable.