Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grocers Prepare For Union Vandalism

Tip from Mark Belling

Grocers prepare for anti-Walker stickering
By Doris Hajewski of the Journal Sentinel

Grocers prepare for anti-Walker stickering - JSOnline

"The Wisconsin Grocers Association has alerted members to an anti-Walker product sticker campaign planned for May 1.

Opponents of Gov. Scott Walker for months have been boycotting companies linked to donations to Walker's campaign. Now there is a national effort under way to go into stores and place stickers on products.

Among products targeted for stickers are Johnsonville brats, AngelSoft toilet paper, Sargento cheese and Coors beer.

The WGA has produced a sign that stores can post alerting people that placing stickers on products in stores is illegal."

So the big babies are now going to deface retail products!

So on May 1st (Communist work day) the thugs are going to pull these kind of tactics. 

Tea Party people. We need to stop at a local grocery store on May 1st and check to see if this happens. If you see union goon doing this, you do have choices.

1) Call  a store employee and take picture of the goon. 

2) Call the police and make a citizen arrest. 

3 Right in front of the thug, buy the product! 


T Corcoran Bauer said...

No union "goons" or "thugs" are doing this. This is a reactionary attack on the left -- on international workers' day no less -- by the right in order to put the protest in a compromised light. I'm the person you might like to stereotype and lampoon, a Madison liberal. I have not heard of any of these sticker shenanigans til this morning, and I'm directly involved in several campaigns. All I have found out about this on the web is from conservative blogs and Fox News. Coincidence or conspiracy? I have no idea whether this is happening in other states, but it's not here in Wisconsin. And the website where you can download the pdf for these decals -- -- it's not part of anything else; it's just a website for these stickers. So what? Well, there's also a "Union Fisting" decal there which (a) is vulgar and inappropriate and (b) gives away the true anti-union bias behind this website.

Look, I don't care that you're a conservative and probably can't stand whatever it is you perceive the left to be, but I strongly suggest you be more thoughtful about jumping on some silly bandwagon that is totally unfounded.



Anonymous said...

Also, the website that published the stickers has been taken down in the last couple hours.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

T Bauer, thank you for your comment.

You seem to be a reasonable person. No way your unions would do such a thing. What was I thinking?

Your unions and party would not have 14 senators leave the state. Your union and party would not have doctors write fake doctors excuses. Your union and party would not threaten businesses in Union Grove. No way would the unions and democrats call people who signed recall petitions and call them with a Green Bay hospital on the caller I D. What was I thinking?

I must be mistaken on you and your fellow union workers who would never do anything like put stickers on products in businesses in Wisconsin and the rest of the country.

I will try to be more thoughtful in my opinion of you and your unions.

I will be more thoughtful and do all I can to replace Jim Holperin who is in my area and work my very best to replace every liberal I see not fit to run this state or country.

Hope you have a GREAT week to you and your family. Take care COMRADE.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Anom, than you for the update.

I hope you feel better that people would not accuse any union thug of vandalism, scare tactics or threatening people's lives just because you lost last November and we won.

I do thank you for reading my blog and really do wish you the best future. Even I, a conservative wish you much success but not at the expense of the tax payers of Wisconsin.

Take care and have a GREAT week.

Anonymous said...

Whoa man! What's this us/them thing you got going on? Whad'ya mean I lost and you won? You know nothing about my politics; I was just commenting on the post you wrote and some of the comments I saw. I live in Wisconsin too, OK? And I pay taxes. And I don't know why you, a conservative, are hellbent on dividing the state into winners and losers. We're all Wisconsinites. Extremism like yours just gives real conservatives a bad name.