Thursday, June 17, 2010

Steve Kagen Steps In It Again

Remember when Pelosi puppet

Steve Kagen said this about the economy and who is to blame for it.
"It was the Republican policies that destroyed 8-1/2 million jobs. Destroyed 8-1/2 million jobs. It's not an easy task.

One of my friends put it this way: What George Bush has done singlehandedly, the Germans and Japanese together in World War Two couldn't do it together.""
Berry Laker

Seems today's unemployment numbers don't look good for Congressman Steve Kagen.
"Congress has added 73 weeks of extra benefits on top of the 26 weeks typically provided by states. All told, about 9.7 million people received unemployment insurance in the week ending May 29, the most recent data available."
New claims for jobless benefits rise sharply - Yahoo! Finance

So 9.7 million people received unemployment insurance in one week. That doesn't include people who do not have a job and are done with unemployment benefits. I wonder what that number is? 15 million, 20 million people.

So George Bush destroyed 8-1/2 million jobs, Bush looks pretty good compared to the Kagen Obama years. Kagen stepped in it again. His staff needs to watch what he says. Tip to his staff, why not write his speech's and get him a teleprompter. 

It's time for Mr Kagen to go home in November.

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