Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back From a "Heluva Good" Weekend

After 990 miles and six days away from the compound
I'mmmm  back!

Did I miss anything?

More on that later.

Just to fill you in on the details. Went to the Irish Hills of Michigan. Mrs B and I went on a camping week to the NASCAR races at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn Michigan. Sunday was the "Heluva Good 400. Camped with our NASCAR family from Michigan at the campgrounds southwest of the track.

Friday before the 1st cup practice.

Here comes the old man for practice.

There getting eager to hit the track.

The Good Year blimp flying over the cam[grounds.

The trucks lined up for the Saturday race.
Heluva Good Sour Cream Dips.

The # 5 at Saturday practice.

Over in turn 3 is where we sit on Sunday.
That's right, way over there in row 66.

Do you see a dome over the track?
If you sit there, you smell high octane fuel, melting rubber and burnt oil. Michigan passed a smoking ban. How ironic is it that NAASCAR used to be sponcered by Winston and now in Michigan, smokers can't smoke in or under the stands. What's next, no carry ins?

Junior having some issues during practice.

There's Mrs B's drive # 16 the Biff.

Cars rolling around turn three.

Cup practice around turn four.

A Martin fan texting Sprint.

Looking across to the backstretch at MIS.

Nine laps to go in the truck race.

Who won? Who's doing the burn out at the start finish?

Your winner. Aric Almirola

There's that blimp again.

Back at camp.

Yes, that is the Berry Laker camp.

Up scale bathrooms.

Time for food and adult beverages.

Is this an organized camp table?

Beads, beads, beads.

My buddy told me this is not how to pack a truck for a NASCAR weekend.

The flea market west of the track.

The ultimate party vehicle. 

Walking in for the Sunday race.

Man, 123 steps to the seats.
A good view of the backstretch in turn three.

TNT camera to cover the back stretch.

Driver intro's with help of the U. S. Army.

Yea, that's # 16 Greg Biffle. Wonder who took that picture?

The Sunday flyover .

The first pace lap to set pit road speeds.

Man, this is going to be good.

There's the man lining up 21st,
# 5,Go Daddy, Mark Martin.

During the race with #2 in the lead.

Side comments, no special order.

It's a stretch, but Johnson is looking better then Hamlin. Don't like either one, just getting a little sick of the 11 in victory lane.

Allen, you need to get Mark some help here. Where's your magic from last year?

There are dumb fans out there. When Juan Montoya was introduced, some knob said, paraphrasing, "Montoya, you dumb Spaniard, go back to Brazil where you came from." I'm not a Jaun fan but buddy, hate to tell you, he's from Bogota, Colombia, you jack a$$! The guy next to him wanted to give him an elbow in the face.

It's good to see so many fans from Canada. No matter where your from, we are all NASCAR fans.

If you go through Illinois, take the 294 bypass instead of the Skyline bridge. You will save yourself around $12.00 in tolls.

People of Michigan, will you please get rid of the liberals running your state! A smoking ban at a NASCAR race!

You can but dry Ice at Meijer's

When there is a moment of silence for someone who has died, please, SHUT UP!!!!!!

Mark Martin is still in the top 12 in the chase.

MIS and NASCAR, please move the June race back to fathers day weekend.

A new slogan for MIS, Just like, "I am Women hear me roar", " I am Michigan, hear me roar!"

Want to thank MIS, Juniper Hills and NASCAR

Mrs B and I are truly blessed by camping next to our NASCAR family from Michigan.


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