Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jack Welch / Barack Obama, Ron Johnson / Russ Feingold

Squawk Box this morning has Jack Welch on the show. Welch made a couple of points concerning the oil spill. the Obama speech and green energy. I am paraphrasing here.
"John Francis "Jack" Welch, Jr. (born November 19, 1935(1935-11-19)) is an American businessman and author. He was Chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981 and 2001. Welch's net worth is estimated at $720 million."
Jack Welch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Obama didn't talk about nuclear energy. Jack said we need to go forward on nuclear.

Jack said it was insane to send Holder to the gulf to push forward litigation. Now is the time to plug the leak and not gather lawyers together.

Jack said someone (Obama) should get all oil companies together to stop the leak. You have the greatest minds in oil production and on capitol hill the other companies are throwing BP under the bus. The problem is the leak and it needs to be plugged now.

Said it didn't make sense to have nobel prize winning people in charge of plugging the leak.

On Obama's idea of holding a BP slush fund. You can't have government in charge of handing money out to people. Fraud happened in the past and will always happen in the future.

Green energy. Jack said we need to look at renewable energy but renewable energy will not create jobs. It's insane to correlate wind power and solar in creating jobs. Yes we need to look at renewable energy but we will use petroleum for many years to come. Green energy is not the solution, it is only an option.

Obama has a major problem and he doesn't know how to mange it.

It seems Welch minces no words. The oil spill has been how many days and it's not being fixed. Get all of the oil industry to solve this problem now and not later. You can hear how a person running a successful business knows how to address problems and get them fixed. Our president does not know how to fix a crises.

Ron Johnson runs a successful business in Oshkosh and knows how to manage, knows how to do what is right, has had to make make hard decisions for the sake of his company. What do politicians like Russ Feingold or Steve Kagen do when a crises happens. Take money from a business and hold them hostage. They sit back and have no solutions but only try to make a crises benefit themselves for the next election.

In the Wisconsin senate race I would rather have someone who knows what they are doing then having a politician tell me they care and wish the problem go away.

Who would you want solving problems?

Jack Welch and Ron Johnson or Barack Obama and Russ Feingold.

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Success - The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will. Vincent T. Lombardi

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Anonymous said...

Yes we will use petroleum for years to come.

Lets pretend this is a multiple choice question.

In terms of energy should the United States be:
A:Drilling for oil and natural gas.
B:Harnessing clean coal technology.
C:Using renewables where they are feasible.
D:Building more nuclear plants.
E: Building more dams.
F: All of the above.

The correct answer is F.