Monday, March 08, 2010

Is It Divine Intervention ?

For you lefty atheists, move along.
To my Berry Laker family.

Is it Divine Intervention? I don't know.

From Wiki
"Divine intervention is a term for a miracle caused by God's/a gods active involvement in the human world."
Divine Intervention - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I went to church yesterday and only asked God to forgive my sins, protect my family at work and school and thanked him for all the blessings He has given me. My family is mostly in Milwaukee, Pulaski and Green Bay with their busy lives. Mrs B also works in Milw. and comes home from work on the weekends while I am up here at the compound.

A strange thing happened to me this morning.

Sometime around 8:15 A M my internet started working like DSL. Not Lighting fast, but wow! I was thinking, "what is going on here?" Dial up switching book marks like high speed internet. I tried all my favorites, Dad 29, B & S, Try 2 Focus, No Runny Eggs, Pine River World News, and the rest of the good people I read, (sorry, all of you are just too numerous to mention), "wow, this is fast."

Gave up all You tubes with dial up. I tried to download a You Tube, wow, a 5 minute download on a Mark Martin video. My G Mail account was giving me fits. I had to keep going to HTML to even open them. Now, click, click, there it changed. Let's try WTMJ, let's listen to Charlies show. After a minute and a half, there it played. I couldn't see ACCU weather because I couldn't download radar. So I tried it and with in 45 secs, there it went.

O K, lets try Rush's live streaming. My God, I could pee my pants, no interruptions. I had to reboot every 10 minutes to listen to Mark Belling from 3 - 6:00, but today, only lost the feed twice.

I did call Jean at Wausaukee CenturyLink to up grade to unlimited long distance, was that it? Jean, did you flip a switch?

Joey from CenturyLink customer service said I was seven miles from the nearest DSL line. Did my dial up provider up grade my system and not tell me? Joey, please fill me in here, ahhhhhh,  maybe not if I have to pay extra, just kidding Joey.

I gave a message to Google and told them I was getting errors on G mail, did they make some changes? I'm still having some problems but not like yesterday.

The above three might have something to do with it but I just don't know. I will not push my luck with my Maker and think I will leave well enough be. I will tell you I promised God that I will give up my bad tobacco habit for him giving me fast internet.

Sometimes your faith takes over when you least expect it. How else can I explain DSL speed internet on dial up service smack dab in the middle of no where.

Divine Intervention? Can I explain it? Here's my answer.

A personal note, I know You can see this post, so I just want to say, "Thank you God"

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