Friday, March 12, 2010

DNR Magic Wand

I admit I have a lot to learn living up here in the compound but I have a question.
From the Green Bay Press.
"The changes come after hunters ripped the agency last fall for overzealous herd control strategies they say led to an anemic hunt.

The DNR originally proposed raising population goals in 13 of the state's 131 zones for the 2010 hunts.

The Assembly Fish and Wildlife Committee, feeling pressure from hunters, rejected the plan and ordered revisions.

The DNR's new plan calls for higher goals in 43 zones.

The agency estimates the changes would boost the statewide population by about 92,000 deer by the time fall hunts begin."
Gun-deer harvest dwindles, DNR proposes raising population goals | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

How can the WDNR boost the deer herd by 92,000 just in time for this falls hunting season?

Will the deer fairy drop an extra couple thousand Bambi's in the woods this spring.

Will the deer storks spread throughout Wisconsin extra deer this May June?

Did the WDNR this past winter artificially inseminate thousands of deer when no one was looking?

After all the problems estimating deer herds lately, can they wave their magic wand and in a puff of smoke, the deer herd will be increased?

I need someone to help me understand the WDNR and also need to do some reading on deer management.

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