Sunday, March 06, 2011

Time To Patronize These Wisconsin Businesses

Gateway Pundit via Dad 29 gives us the crap teachers and their unions are pulling. A good read with more pitures and letters from stupid teachers.

The unions continue to threaten local businesses in Wisconsin.
A trusted source in Wisconsin sent copies of the latest organized threats against Wisconsin businesses.

The attachments are all pictures of notes on the bulletin board in the teacher’s lounge at Wausau West. The person who took the pictures went to Channel 7 with them and was assured that a story would be done. It’s been more than 48 hours and nothing has been aired, so the person sent them to me and gave me permission to forward them to you. This person wishes to remain anonymous. Not sure what the best plan of attack is, but I’m more than glad to help out with anything.

Also, the teachers union leader at WW wanted to set up a table at Trig’s Pharmacy to have kids sign letters to Governor Walker and then they would be given an apple. Trig’s management said NO! Good for them!!

These are some businesses that are being targeted and ones we should patronize. 

M&I banks
Kwik Trip
Johnsonville (brats)
Russ Darrow
Wausau Homes
Wausau Papers
Wal Mart
Sargento cheese
Church Mutual Insurance ( hard to read, hope it's right)
Bergstrom Auto

And don't forget to shop at Trigs.

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