Friday, March 11, 2011

We Have To Question Shawano Leader

This from who I thought was an upfront good reporter for the Shawano Leader.

This is a travesty’

By Tim Ryan

Was this a typo? This is a travesty’. Should there have been a question mark? Travesty to who? What about the travesty to the tax payers?

Shock, disbelief and anger over a sudden end to their collective bargaining rights drew more than 100 Shawano area teachers and other public workers to an impromptu rally Thursday afternoon on Main Street, where shouts of recall sometimes drowned out the horns of passing motorists supporting their cause.

“We are rallying for democracy and we want people to be united,” said Kim Bakeberg, president of the Shawano Education Association. “We’re here to save the American dream.”

So all others besides union workers, their american dream is not in play here. The people who pay these people are not important here. Seems Kim is trying to protect here behind here to keep her power! Here's another comment.

The rally was joined by some teachers who had retired several years ago, including former physical education teacher Matty Matheson.

“This is absolutely tragic,” she said. “This is a travesty.”

Matheson said the vote in Madison threatens the progress school districts have made in education.

“Once again our children’s children are going to be really hurting from what’s happening today,” she said. “I really wish Walker would think about what he’s doing morally instead of going through the money angle.”

This person is teaching your children. Her children's children will be bankrupted trying to pay her dear pension and health care. They aren't even born yet and she's tossing them under the school bus. And this.

Bonduel teacher Dan Weidner, former chair of Shawano County’s Democratic Party, said Republicans had “repealed 60 years of labor progress.”

First, seems Tim must of read my blog. He writes that good ole Dan was a former chair of the Shawano Democratic Party. I questioned him being a big shot in the SDP in his papers puff piece article for Dan last week.

Hey Dan, if your a teacher, can you please brush up on your history lessons or go back and take a basic math class.

Collective bargaining was signed into law by Gaylord Nelson in 1959. That's 52 years ago. Why didn't Dan just say it's been a 100, 200 years of collective bargaining.

Not sure what the headline was on the dead tree version of the Leader and not sure Tim Ryan purposely wrote the headline. Not sure if Tim's wife is a teacher. Not sure if Tim is in th unions hip pocket or was Tim threatened with a loss of union income for his paper?

Travesty, travesty to who. What about the people who pay these people's wages? That's a travesty! 

Someone pass that on to Tim Ryan the Shawano Leader.

I have to question him and his paper being one of the few leading non bias papers in Wisconsin. 

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