Sunday, March 06, 2011

Extra Day Of School, Teachers Pay Docked, Good!

From the Appleton P C

The addition of a school day wasn't Kimberly's lone remedy for the instruction time lost in February.

Mayfield said the district had difficulty determining how many of their teachers had legitimate cause to miss school Feb. 18. The district, however, was able to identify a number of teachers who didn't have a valid excuse to miss school. Some were docked pay, had the absence documented in their employee file or both.

Appleton schools followed the same path.

On Feb. 17, Appleton schools had 209 staffers call in.

Don Hietpas, chief financial officer for the Appleton Area School District, said administrators followed up on all absences. Those who called in and shouldn't have were docked pay and had the absence noted in their personnel files, he said.

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