Monday, March 07, 2011

What Would Scott Walker Do If Not For Lee Hollaway

What would of happened if it was not for Scott Walker fighting tooth and nail the past eight years with Lee Hollaway?

We have to thank Lee for preparing Mr Walker for his job in Madison. No one else could prepare Walker for the job he now holds. The down right dirty politics that Walker is now going through and what he faces in the future.

We can see Scott Walker stands for what he believes in and will stand with the tax payers of Wisconsin in what the voters of this state elected him and other republicans to do. He is standing in the storm of the main stream media and union intimidation and so far has not wavered.

He cannot waver, he will not waver, for if he does, the future of Wisconsin will be gone forever. Our children and grandchildren will know that their future was in the hands of one man and a group of republican officials who gave them their destiny or will forever throw them into their abyss.

Thank you Lee Hollaway for getting Scott Walker ready to be our Governor. With out you, our children's future would of been lost.Let's all thank Lee Hollaway.

A reminder of Mr Hollaway. Thank You for all you did!


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