Monday, March 07, 2011

One Way To Save County & Town Expenses

Corn the solution to road-snowdrift problem? | | Wausau Daily Herald

"In a pilot program tested in southern Wisconsin, farmers left eight to 16 rows of corn standing in fields parallel to highways at the end of the growing season. The corn rows prevented snow from drifting onto the highways.

'It worked. The county gets calls over and over again that this intersection is so bad. But this year, it wasn't as near as bad as other years,' said Floyd Shirk of Lancaster, whose farm is along the intersection of highways 35 and 81 in Grant County.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation compensates farmers for not harvesting the corn they plant near highways. Farmers are paid 50 cents per bushel above the price paid for the crop."

Hey, if it works, let's do it. It's better then paying them for ethanol!

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