Monday, March 07, 2011

Possible Retirements Up, Hummmmmmmmm

Received this from an E mail from a friend in Townsend, Interesting
Special message regarding retirement-related statistics:
The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) provides the following Wisconsin Retirement
System (WRS) statistics as a courtesy to interested parties, including members of
the media. Our primary focus is to provide services to WRS members and employers. In the
wake of the budget repair bill, we are struggling to keep up with all who want information from
us. Yet, we understand the need to have this sort of information available. Please keep the
following in mind:

• ETF will not update these or any other statistics on a daily basis. For now, we will update
this document periodically or whenever new statistics become available.

• ETF does not ask members why they are retiring.

• 73% of WRS active employees are local government employees; 27% are state employees.

• During the week of February 14-18, 2011, ETF received more than three times the number
of requests for retirement estimates than it did the same week in 2010.

• During the week of February 21-25, 2011:

• ETF received 1,282 requests for retirement estimates.

• ETF received 574 retirement applications.

Retirement Estimate Requests — January-February 2010 vs. 2011
The table below compares the number of requests for formal retirement estimates received
by ETF in January and February 2010 and 2011. Figures show that as of February 25, 2011, the
number of retirement estimate requests have increased 69% over the fi rst two months in 2010.
Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) members request an estimate of their benefi ts prior to
fi ling an offi cial retirement application. The fi gures shown are no indication of the actual number
of WRS members that retired in a given year.

...................January.......February....Totals....% Change
2010......... 1,805 ........1,657 ........3,462 ........—
2011 ..........2,204 .......3,662* .......5,866*.....69%

*as of February 25, 2011

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