Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wisconsin Business Report Card

Marketplace has the numbers and grades on the business climate in Wisconsin.
"If Wisconsin were your child, and your child brought home this report card, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be terribly happy. (The “teacher” is a tough grader, with “class” grades ranging from a B-minus to a D.) Some might complain about mean teachers (the center) or the tests (the various comparisons) being too hard. Others would make their children do what it takes to improve the grades. In Wisconsin’s case, that would seem to include improving taxes and the parts of our transportation system that benefits business (mainly roads), promoting more venture capital investment, and reducing health care costs.

The next time you run into a candidate for governor or the Legislature, ask him or her what he or she thinks about the state’s business climate and how to improve it." Marketplace of Ideas Blog

You need to read the details.

Yes, elections and your vote do affect the business and your future in Wisconsin.

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