Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Limbaugh Effect

Rush Limbaugh has always been on the cutting edge in marketing his show for now 21 years. Not sure if Rush knows or has already mentioned this but seems Squawk Box on CNBC picked up on his success and is doing it on their show.

Lately, before work I watch and listen to Squawk Box. I like listening to Joe Kernen. The show seems to be very successful for CNBC. My opinion the only successful show on CNBC.

I couldn't put my finger on it and then it hit me. They're running bumper music before and after commercial breaks. I know in the past they would play some music or had their standard lead ins but now it's changed for the better.

They will not admit it but in my opinion they see success and had to run
with it on the show.

Bumper music. 

From Wiki.
"Bumper music, or a bump, is a term used in the radio broadcasting industry to refer to short clips of music used to buffer transitions between programming elements. Bumper music is commonly employed when a syndicated program takes a break for local station identification or "goes to commercial." More often than not called a "Bump" in today's radio." Bumper music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rush leads and others follow. As Rush would say, he is on the cutting edge of broadcasting. This sure proves it.

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