Sunday, June 27, 2010

Michigan, Sounds Like Dumb and Dumber To Me

From the Iron Mountain Daily News.
"State may ban burn barrels
POSTED: June 26, 2010

MARQUETTE - The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment is considering a ban on burn barrels in the state.

The agency wants to amend Michigan's Air Pollution Control Rules and Solid Waste Management Rules and remove an exemption that allows the burning of household garbage.

The proposed ban, if adopted, would start on April 11, 2011."
State may ban burn barrels - | news, sports, business, jobs - The Daily News
The DNRE would not actively enforce the ban, instead relying on local units of law enforcement to respond to complaints about garbage burning.

So Michigan's big brother (DNRE) wants to change the law and let someone else enforce it. Sounds like dumb and dumber to me. Are you people in Michigan insane? Who is running things in Michigan?

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