Wednesday, June 30, 2010

That's Me Too, Area Code 715

Inteltrends reminds me of the change. I forgot I'm in the 715 area code.
"30 Jun – Telephone customers in the Wisconsin 715 area code… The entire northern half of Wisconsin has existed thus far with only 1 telephone area code (715). However, it appears that the telephone companies are running out of numbers – so a second area code is being introduced this year: 534. Back when I lived in California, whenever they needed to add a new area code, they would simply divide an area code district into two parts. The first part would retain the original area code, while the second part would be assigned a new area code. It’s simple, really.

Alas, if my understanding of Wisconsin’s scheme is correct then this will not be the case here in the North…

Apparently, all households currently using 715 will keep their area code whereas NEW households (after the remaining 715 numbers are depleted) will be assigned the new 534 code. This means that it is possible for the family living across the street to have a different area code than me. Sort of like a checkerboard.

According to a notice I received from the local telephone company, beginning July 17, 2010 residents of 715 must dial the area code in order to complete their call – even to call across the street, and even if the person you are calling also has a 715 number. How screwy is this?" | Inteltrends

I always had the 920 area code until we moved to the compound.

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