Saturday, October 03, 2015

Will NASCAR Restart Rule Be Called Fair or Fowl

NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon pulls into the pits ...
NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon pulls into the pits at Texas in 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We know a lot of BIG K fans are upset but we have to wonder, will NASCAR call it as it happens or look the other way for some drivers and not for others?

I know there are a lot of fans out there, especially Keselowski fans, who are upset because of the seemingly inconsistent rule calls on restarts by NASCAR.

Let me state up front here, I am okay with the penalty on Sunday, if and only if this is where the bar is set now and NASCAR keeps it consistent. Don't move the bar to here and then move it back next week. NASCAR is the umpire and they have said this is the strike zone.

 Damn it to hell, then make sure you call it a strike every time it is a strike in that zone. Don't be moving the strike zone anymore. 

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With the new restart rule, will Jimmy Johnson or Jeff Gordon get a pass? What will happen if the 88 break the start rule? 

NASCAR bends a lot for certain drivers. the rest get fined, penalized or banned for what others get away with.

What do you think?

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