Friday, October 02, 2015

Illinois Lottery Drops WGN To Save Money

The Lotto Powerball logo
The Lotto Powerball logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Seems with all problems in the Land of Lincoln, they came up with one good way to save money, even though they can't pay off Lottery winners. 

Lottery changes drawing Beginning today you’ll no longer see Illinois Lottery drawings for various games on WGN-TV. Instead, you’ll have to get the winning numbers from the Lottery website. A news release from the Illinois Lottery indicates halting the quarter-century practice of airing the winning numbers on TV will allow the Lottery to take their live lottery drawings in a different direction to a new digital draw system using Random Number Generation to select the winning numbers. The Lottery now uses RNG systems for so-called quick picks at retail locations as well as selecting winning numbers for raffle games.

Read full story at IL news

We wonder if the Wisconsin Lottery pays for advertising on T V to report the winning numbers? We know they advertise, but who stays up to see the winning numbers. Everything is faster online! It's called the World Wide Web!

The media always reports big jackpots or big winners for free anyway.

With almost everyone having a cell , let them look it up on the web site!  

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