Friday, October 02, 2015

America’s College Students Are Delicate, Immature Wusses????????

English: Disposable diaper, size 12-25kg/26-55lb.
English: Disposable diaper, size 12-25kg/26-55lb. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sure seem so!

EDUCATION PROOF: Helicopter Parenting Has Created A Generation Of Traumatized, Risk-Averse WUSSES

America’s college students are delicate, immature wusses who become traumatized, get the vapors and seek professional counseling any time they face adversity or — God forbid — earn a grade lower than a “B.”

 The insight comes from Boston College research professor Peter Gray, writing last week at Psychology Today.

Gray explains that he has participated in discussions at Boston College with the head of counseling services and other faculty members about how to deal with a notable decrease in resilience among students. The problem of weak-willed, fragile, gutless students at the $63,302-per-year Jesuit school has been severe, Gray learned.

Read the story at the Daily Caller. 

When will most, not all millennials just grow up? The blame for this is 50% children, 50 % parents. Yes, we call them children, not young adults until they earn the title..

And these young adults are the face of this country in the future?

God help us all! 

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