Friday, October 02, 2015

Green Bay, Packer G-Line Bus, A Bust

The sign for the atrium inside Lambeau Field i...
The sign for the atrium inside Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 A good idea but didn't work.

GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ) - The special "G-Line" bus route which ran from downtown Green Bay to the Lambeau Field area has been halted.

The two-month trial period began July 22, and Green Bay Metro Transit Director Patty Kiewiz says the service was halted within the last week.

When they launched the service, there were no expectations or projections on ridership levels given. Kiewiz says total ridership for the 2 months was about 4,000 people.

Read full story at WTAQ here.

First, the bus line starts at the bus station. Why would you park your car at the bus station and then take a bus to Lambeau or Cabela's? The bus station is next to a paper mill, R E A L L Y!!!!!

Why didn't the route start at Lambeau, go to Cabela's, run down Holmgren Way to the Mall, a stop at Titletown Brewing and back to Lambeau. You know, a Packer, Shop, Eat route for fans from outside of Green Bay would use.

Second, the Transit Director calls this a success?  Let's look at the numbers. 4000 divided by 60 (two months) = 66 riders per day. Divide 66 divided by a 10 hour shift ( maybe 9:00 am to 7:00pm), that 7, (S E V E N) people per hour.

Who thought this up? I would think the Packers Marketing department has better ideas for a bus route.

The bus was even free and couldn't make it. If it was a true Packer G-Line, people would even pay a buck or two to ride it. How about a three dollar day pass. The Packers could buy their own bus and wouldn't loose money on the deal. Maybe that's what they ill do.

This is what you get when you get city government involved.

What do you think?

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