Saturday, September 03, 2011

How Stupid Is Stupid

Story in the Green Bay Press about money stolen from a Pulaski Restaurant. 

PULASKI — Someone stole an undetermined amount of cash early Thursday morning from the cash register at the Neighborhood Kitchen Restaurant on Wisconsin 32.

 The suspect entered the building between 3 and 5 a.m. Thursday by throwing a rock through the glass doors and forcing open the cash register.

 Police are looking for a white man age 35 to 45, 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-8, weighing 200 to 225 pounds, and a bald or shaved head. Security cameras caught the man in the act wearing a light colored baseball cap with lettering on the front and a black adjustable strap, light colored long-sleeve shirt, dress slacks and casual shoes.

Contact the Pulaski Police at (920) 822-5613 or Crime Stoppers, (920) 431-STOP with information on the suspect or the crime.

Why would any restaurant owner leave money in the cash register overnight? Why wouldn't the last person to leave take the money out and put it in a ah, what do you call the heavy things with a dial and handle ?Ah, ah, ah, oh yea, it's called a safe! 

If they didn't have a safe why not take the money home? The surveillance camera does no good if you leave money in a cash register? Second, how many people know they keep the money in the register at night? Hummmmmmmm?

Sometimes I hate to admit I grew up in Pulaski Wisconsin. 

How stupid can some people be? Jack, buy a safe or take the money home!

What's that saying, Stupid is what stupid does?  

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