Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shawano Mayor Does The Right Thing, No New Tax

Holy cow! The Shawano leader has a story of the leaders of Shawano Wisconsin will not vote to increase loony taxes.  

TOP STORY: Finance Committee slashes wheel tax idea - Shawano Leader - Shawano, WI

"Mayor Lorna Marquardt and the three aldermen on the committee, did not like the idea of saddling residents with another tax.

"It seems like there's so many taxes upon taxes. Once we have a tax, it doesn't seem to go away," Marquardt said. "At this point, I hope that, as we work through our budget, we can find other ways to come up with monies without giving our citizens another tax."

Alderman Woody Davis also expressed concern about implementing the wheel tax, saying people are "already frightened" with how the economy is.

"Even 10 bucks, they're going to say, 'This is another tax they're throwing at us,'" Davis said."

Way to go Mayor Marquardt and the three aldermen. 

Here's one for the people.

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