Monday, August 29, 2011

Stimulus $$ Will Take 76 Years To Pay Back

From the Green Bay Press Gazette.

Solar light pipes on display in Green Bay on Tuesday 

The city was awarded $1 million in stimulus funding in 2009, and planned more than 40 upgrades to facilities. 

Orion Engineered Systems estimated savings of 109,300 kilowatt hours and $13,000 annually on The Park Shop project.

So we will have to wait till 2087 to see the pay back on this waste of tax payers hard earned money. Any bets in ten to fifteen years these lights will be replaced by another lighting  source. 

How many children could of been fed with $1 Mil? 

How many school supplies could of been purchased with  $1 Mil?

How many raises could teachers get with $1Mil? 

Don't you liberals feel better now that the city has solar lighting?

How much of their own money would be spent by tax payers if this crap would not of been spent? Obama and democrats need to be replaced in 2012.

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