Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wausau : Will Unions Pay or Sit With Republicans

From Wausau Daily Herald

Update: City will pull financial support if Labor Day parade isn't open to all

City officials are encouraging organizers of a Labor Day parade to allow members of all political parties to participate or risk losing all support for the event.

 According to a statement issued by Mayor Jim Tipple this afternoon, the city is a “co-sponsor” of the event, providing an insurance premium, construction of a stage and other city services at no cost to the Marathon County Central Labor Council.

So! Will the unionistas pay for and run the parade themselves? 

Will the unions be brought to their knees and have to invite all people including republicans? 

Will the unions and the left sit with a republican on stage? 

Will the unions let a republican speak? 

Seems the unions are between a rock and a hard place. What will they do?

Toooooooo funnnnnnnny. You can't make this up!

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