Sunday, August 28, 2011

Unions Whining again, "You Can't Come"

Here's the headline from Wausau Daily Herald.

GOP politicians banned from Labor Day parade

Just like a baby taking their toys home. Don't want to share. 

Wonder if the union have the proper permits to have the parade? 

Wonder how many people will not show up at the parade? 

Wonder if the trade unions in the parade who has been taking less wages and concessions will walk with the teachers union who don't want to give up anything? The workers against the whiners.

Wonder if the MSM will tell the real story on parade crowds? 

Wonder if the floats will have Walker pictures with Hitler mustaches? 

Wonder if each union in the parade will yell, "shame, shame, shame?"

Wonder if Jim Holperin will be in parade? 

Wonder just how bizarre the unions are getting?

Makes you wonder. 

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