Friday, May 14, 2010

Wisconsin Wolves Heading South

From the Shawano Leader

Wolf attack in Shawano Ccounty,
Town of Red Springs
"“My dad’s dog came running up to us, crying and panicked almost it seemed, and then she took off running back in the same direction she came from,” Rosenow said. “We knew something was wrong and we took off running.”

As they entered the woods, they spotted several wolves attacking Tank.

“One of the wolves saw my dad’s dog and charged right at her. Then it saw my cousin and me and took off running,” Rosenow said.

The other wolves then ceased their attack on Tank and ran off as well."

It's comforting to know the WDNR has the wolf population under control.Next thing you know they will be south of Shawano, then south of Appleton and someday Oshkosh, where will it end?


Dad29 said...

It'll end in the City of Milwaukee.

Barrett's gummint will provide housing and energy assistance, not to mention lots of meals.

Or it COULD end--differently--in my area, with a bad case of HSL poisoning. About .357" in diameter.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Dad, will a .357 do it?

A buddy of mine said a 25.06 will drop it on a dime.

Is he right?

Have a GREAT weekend.

Dr said...

We live outside Milwaukee.
There's been a wolf sighted in our neighborhood.

There already here.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Dr, I did not know that.

You would think the WDNR knows this also?

Be safe and have a GREAT week.

Dr said...

I made a mistake ...
It was a coyote not a wolf.
Sorry for the confusion.

Paul - Berry Laker said...

Dr, no problem.

When we lived on HWY K off of 164 in Sussex in the late 90's we had a coyote running around our campfire. Even back then even a coyote looked pretty big.

Enjoy the week.