Friday, May 14, 2010

Way To Go Joe Kernen, CNBC

Watching Squawk Box this morning on CNBC and the Obamas comment, "go play with yourself" about Rush came up. Carl played dumb, Becky made the STUPID comment that Rush did not comment on the Page Six article and Joe Kernen hit it out of the park. Paraphrasing, he (Rush) did comment, Rush said they had the wrong guy, they were talking about Bill Clinton. Way to go Joe!

Joe Kernan and Rick Santelli are the only two people on CNBC who say it like it is. The rest of the network is just a bunch of lackeys for the left. If FoxBusiness could get Kernen and Santelli,

I sure would order Fox Business.Joe and Rick are the only reason I watch CNBC.

"Squawk Box" Co-Anchor
Joe Kernen is co-anchor of "Squawk Box," (M-F, 6 -9 a.m. ET) CNBC's signature morning program. "Squawk Box" is a fast paced, irreverent look at the world of Wall Street, and the longest running program on the network. Kernen is based in CNBC’s global headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, N.J."
Joe Kernen Profile, Biography, About - CNBC

I have Rick Santelli's autograph and sure would like to somehow get Joe Kernen's.

It would be worth $25 to a charity to see Joe Kernen and Rush Limbaugh golf 18 together. I heard Joe is a good golfer.

Hey Kit Carson, can you set something like that up?

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