Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dr Deaths Van For Sale

Found through the Marinette Eagle Herald.
"May 15, 4:01 AM EDT

Kevorkian's van to be offered at auction again

DETROIT (AP) -- Spurned by the eBay online auction site, the owner of a van in which Dr. Jack Kevorkian performed several assisted suicides is offering it at a real-time auction.

Jera Cline is assistant to auctioneer Dean Kruse and says the 1968 Volkswagen van is scheduled for bids Saturday afternoon at Auburn Auctions in Auburn, Ind.

Retired auto parts dealer Jack Finn has said he bought the van in 1997. Finn listed it on eBay last month, but the site pulled the ad after saying it would violate the company's policy against selling "murderabilia."

Kevorkian used the van while assisting in several deaths, including the poisoning of an Alzheimer's patient that launched his public effort in 1990. He was convicted of second-degree murder in a 1998 death."

I did not know it was a VW.

No thanks. Not interested.

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