Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wisconsin 8th Campaign Stunt

The Green Bay Press and Tony Walter write about the three ring circus going on at he republican party. Will some of the republican candidates get serious about running against Steve Kagen or keep trying these stunts? 
"8th District Republican primary candidates asked to pledge support
Candidates asked to endorse winner
By Tony Walter • • March 17, 2010

Half of the Republican Party candidates for the 8th Congressional District seat have signed a pledge to support the winner of that party's primary election in September." 8th District Republican primary candidates asked to pledge support | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

But Andy Williams, a De Pere attorney and a candidate that wants to make it through the GOP contest to run against Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Appleton, called the effort "distasteful" and refused to sign.

"I'm not going to vote for somebody just because they're the party candidate," said Williams, a Brown County Board supervisor. "To me, it's the same old politics that got us to where we are today. Nothing was addressed about whether they (other candidates) fall in line with my ideals."

He has a point and you have to give him credit. Those good old boy RINO's got us into this mess! Looks like we are back to the same old politics with the same old politicians!
The pledge was circulated March 6 by candidate Dr. Marc Trager, a Howard physician, at the party's 8th District caucus in Peshtigo. It asked the candidates to promise to announce their support for the primary winner within 48 hours after the Sept. 14 election.

Teri McCormick of Greenville, Roger Roth of Grand Chute and Reid Riddle of Kaukauna signed the pledge. Marc Savard of Door County attended the caucus, but didn't sign the pledge.

First, it doesn't say if Trager signed his own petition? I don't know Marc Trager so will not comment on him till I know more about him.

Second, hold the phone here. Did Terry McCormick have a come to Jesus meeting or something? Didn't she get P O'd that she lost or got no support from the republicans when she ran against John Gard? Didn't a lot of her staff go work for Steve Kagen after she lost? Terry, can you explain your new lease on life?

Has Roger Roth been in Madison too long? I thought he had great potential for a run against Kagen? This makes me wonder about him.

Reid Riddle? What does he have to lose? Didn't the republican party already anoint him the up and comer in the race? By the way, did Riddle really sell his business back in December? Does Riddle still live outside the 8th district. He did live in Dave Obeys district. Did he move into the 8th? Someone want to clarify this for me? Let me quote Mr Riddle from an e mail he sent me back in 09.
"Additionally, if the U.S. Constitution isn't concerned where I sleep at night I think the voters might not be concerned either. Since you are a conservative, I am sure that you appreciate the U.S. Constitution’s take on this and know that there is no requirement to live in a district - just the state. Let's not get distracted from seeing the big picture issues facing all Americans"

First, that was a poor choice of words " where I sleep at night", I am looking at the big picture. Dam right I believe in the constitution but will not get flim flamed by a progressive, moderate candidate again. Second, as a voter of the 8th it is important that my candidate would live in my district! People who try to bend the constitution are those I want out of Washington?

Looks like Marc Savard got squishy here. Either you sign it or you don't sign it like Williams. Come on man, take a stand! What are you afraid of?

Williams didn't attend the caucus and declined to sign when contacted about it.

Neither Kerry Thomas of Sayner nor Joseph Stern of Niagara attended the caucus, and haven't been asked to sign it.

"I believe it is the tradition of most political parties to support candidates from your party after the primary," McCormick said. "I gave speeches in 2006 with Laura Bush and John McCain on behalf of the primary candidate winner in 2006."

To be honest, I don't know a lot about Thomas or Stern.

Terry, you just couldn't say that one word, could you? Let me help you, now say it slowly,
G A R D or were you talking about another primary candidate winner in 2006? Cat got your tongue?
McCormick must still be ticked about that race.

Roth said he signed the pledge because he thinks the party should stay unified.

"It's important that this election is run against Steve Kagen," Roth said. "This isn't about tearing one another down."

We will be united when we have a conservative candidate to run against Kagen. Nobody was talking about tearing down a candidate. We are talking about another John McCain debacle. I do not want a third party, I am conservative and most of the time vote republican. When republicans wake up and lead this country, (looking for conservative leaders, not RINO's,) we will take back this country. Phony gimmicks are not to be out on the table! The time to sign an endorsement of  a candidate is after the primary, wait and see who it is first. So if Barack Obama, John McCain or Steve Kagen was elected in the 8th district republican primary, everyone would support the winner?. Some of you republican candidates need your heads examined.

I am not endorsing Andy Williams but I will agree with his position on this. People want change, not the good old girls and boys network. Did anyone hear of the Tea Party movement? Are the phones ringing off the hook in Washington DC about health care? 
Hello candidates, the lights are on and there is no one home.

Mike Trager, son of the candidate and the campaign spokesman, said there was no intent to put candidates on the spot.

"We weren't calling anybody out," he said. "We don't want to fracture the party. We just have to support each other."

What the hell is this, a AA meeting, "support each other", this is a campaign race to take our country back, not a support group for nandy pandy candidates. Is he O K? I wonder if he talks to himself, I hope he doesn't answer himself back. I guess I learned more about Trager. Looks like I can cross Marc Trager off my candidate list for pulling such a stunt.

Yes there will be a time that I endorse a candidate for the 8th district but to have the candidates themselves grandstanding during the campaign is utter insanity. I have seen no clear choice for the republican race. Maybe that is why this article lit a fuse under me. The more I read, the more I see and the more I learn is when I will make that decision.  Right now this horse race has a large field and no one is leading the race.

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