Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cougar, Cougar, Cougar, Cougar,

From the Escanaba Daily Press
"On the cougar trail
Team investigates sightings, tracks throughout U.P., state
POSTED: March 18, 2010

LANSING - Few issues addressed by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment in recent years have been as controversial as cougars.

Also known as mountains lions or pumas, cougars are large felines that once roamed much of Michigan. The last record of a wild cougar being taken in Michigan came from Newberry in 1906. The species was thought to be extirpated.

Reports of cougar sightings have occurred intermittently since then, however, and have multiplied in recent years. The department has set up a four-person team to investigate and respond to reported cougar sightings."
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