Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Competition For Bart Stupak In Michigan

From the Escanaba Daily Press.
"IRON MOUNTAIN - Daniel J. Benishek, M.D. announced today he is running as a Republican against Bart Stupak for Michigan's 1st District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Today, from the steps of the historic Dickinson County Courthouse, Benishek told a crowd of supporters he collected the 1,000 signatures needed to put his name on the Aug. 3 primary ballot.

"I chose Dickinson County for my announcement because this is where I raised my children and where I have been practicing medicine as a surgeon and small business owner for nearly 30 years and because I wanted to announce in Michigan's newest county my campaign to become Michigan's newest member of Congress," said Benishek.

Benishek is not a lawyer and has never before sought political office. "I feel compelled to seek a position at this time because of disturbing developments in our nation's capitol," said Benishek. "I truly believe the people in our district deserve better."

Benishek said he is committed to principles of personal responsibility and limited government. According to Benishek, he stands firmly with the people of America's heartland, sharing conservative positions on key issues such as private-sector job creation, fiscal responsibility, tax-rate reduction, secure borders, free-market health care reform, energy independence, strong national defense, second amendment rights and, most important, sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

"I have received tremendous response from people across our district but I will need lots more support in my campaign to restore the American dream," Benishek said.

Benishek was born and raised in Iron River. He and his wife, Judy, live in Crystal Falls and have five children and two grandchildren."
Benishek announces run for Congress - | News, Sports, Jobs, Escanaba Information | The Daily Press

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