Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vote No, This Health Care Bill

From the Green Bay Press about the health care bill in DC.

"250 protest outside Rep. Steve Kagen's Green Bay office
BY CHARLES DAVIS • • March 17, 2010

About 250 people protested Wednesday outside the Green Bay office of U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen against Congress passing a health-care bill."
250 protest outside Rep. Steve Kagen's Green Bay office | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

The Fox Valley Initiative, a conservative Tea Party group, organized the event. Protesters held signs that read “Kill the Bill” and “Stop the Plantation Politics” on the corner of Walnut and Quincy streets. People signed yellow sheets of paper and taped it on the building’s front door and windows.

Founder Jim Steineke said he supports health-care reform, but said the current bill is too costly and unconstitutional.

Eric Bajdan of Green Bay stood close to the protest, but said he supported reform.

“I think it’s everyone’s civil right to have health care,” he said.

Protestors expressed fears the House would vote on the rule governing debate to “deem” the Senate health-bill passed, then vote to change the legislation through “reconciliation.”

Phill Gohr of Mayville said it would take away his freedom if Kagen, D-Appleton, helped to pass the bill.

“We’re sick and tired of the socialism,” he said.

Conservative talk radio host Jerry Bader spoke to the crowd as many waved U.S. flags and chanted, “Vote no or you will go.”

Protesters even raised a massive 12-foot sign that read “NO GOV HEALTHCARE.” Though many protested from 5 to 6 p.m., some stayed after dark.

Frank Lasee, who is running for the 1st State Senate District seat, said that one size from Washington, D.C., does not fit all.

“People are upset, and we’re asking our Congress to respect our wishes,” said the Republican candidate.

“When the government pays, they’ll make all the rules.”

Wonder if Congressman Steve Kagen is listening? Kagen needs to vote no on this bad health care bill.

Hat's off to all who attended the protest.

Link to P G photos of event.

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