Saturday, January 24, 2009

Conservatives Only

To only Conservatives of Wisconsin and this great country.

With a new President this past week , we the conservatives of this country shall not bend, shall not waiver, shall not compromise our principle's.

To those republicans and moderates that will give up their core beliefs for status, for friendship of the left, for wanting to be politically correct, and for the friendship of the media. For those that will give up their beliefs for the sake of recognition, for the sake of money and for compromise for those in Washington. For you who will sell your soul for the sake of money, for greed and for the sake of getting along. You know who you are.

To you, take heed.

For we shall never dwell on the past, but will learn from our history and the hero's that gave us the right that gives us the responsibility to do what is right. We will do this not for ourselves but for the faces and souls of our future. Our children, our grandchildren and their children. It is God who entrusted us to take care of our future. It is God who created our freedom who created this great country of ours. It is our responsibility to not let Him and his people down.

If we don't, they will remember it was we who let them down, it will be us that took away their freedom, it was we who ignored the warnings of the freedom that they may never know. It is we that they will blame for doing nothing to protect their future and their own existence.

You have two choices to make at this very moment.

Move on to another page on the internet or listen to a man and his life that gave us what we have today and may not have in the future.

If you are a true Conservative, watch the life of the man that gave us that vision.

The day has come for all conservatives, no moderates, no RINO's, no mavericks, only Conservatives to stand up and take charge of our future.

It is time to stand up for this country, to stand up for our freedom and to stand up for what we believe in.

The era of Reagan will never die. It is those that choose to ignore his beliefs that will be lost in the abyss. To those in Washington that call themselves republicans or so called conservatives (RINO's) you will live with the decisions, with your votes and with your actions. Come back to Conservatism and lead us in the ways of Ronald Reagan or forever dwell in your own personnel demise.

Do you have the strength and courage to watch the video?

Tribute to Ronald Reagan

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