Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lame Duck Wisconsin

From the Lawrentian.
"Midwest lame duck: Wisconsin
Nora Taylor
Issue date: 1/23/09 Section: Opinions & Editorials

After years of being the butt of the rest of the country's jokes, the Midwest is finally getting the attention it deserves. President Barack Obama and most of his cabinet hail from the great state of Illinois. Minnesota has been garnering national attention for its much contested, celebrity-infused senate race. Michigan has the illustrious "Big Three" from Detroit. Your turn, Wisconsin.
Gone are Wisconsin's glory days and those who represented all that was good and true in the badger state: Russ Feingold, Miller and Brett Farve. With a drama-free election, underwhelming football season - so I'm told - and failure to compete with the delicious Budweiser American Ale, Wisconsin is falling faster than (Insert economy joke here!).
Between Al Franken running for Senate and Rod Blagojevich's aggressive campaign to become the new Boss Tweed, Wisconsin politics have, in comparison, lost their luster. While Steve Kagen ups the oil factor a bit, there is still a considerable want of skeeze. Herb Kohl's getting pretty old; ask yourself, should something happen to him, would Doyle have the gumption to auction his seat off like Blago - I don't think so."
 Midwest lame duck: Wisconsin - Opinions & Editorials

Gee, God forbid Doyle would name Kagen as senator if Kohl would move on. He would be useless in the senate but at least we could dump him from the 8th.

Steve, throw your name in the hat. You can do it.


Kevin said...

The seat can't be auctioned off. Wisconsin is one of the very few states where a special election would have to be called if a U.S. Senate opening ever happened.

Paul Socha said...

thanks for the info. I didn't know that information. I was just joking about Kagen in the senate. We will have to try one more time to move him out. Have a GREAT weekend.