Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Cars We Drive

From the Green Bay Press about the fatal accident near Peshtigo where five people lost their lives. We pray that they are now in heaven with God Almighty.

You can read the article but this kind of struck me.
"The white four-door Kia driven by Rivas entered U.S. 41 from Country Meadows Road and was struck by Powell's truck." Driver arrested after fatal Marinette accident | | Green Bay

When I think of a KIA I think small compact car. I don't know what kind of car it was. If they were driving a Chevy Malibu or a Ford Taurus, would they be alive today? Now I assume it was the choice of the driver to buy a KIA but what will the future bring.

The very cars the environmentalists and the left want us to drive are tin cans. How safe are they? While the left elites drive their big cars the rest of us will be driving Smart cars for the sake of the environment. Does the left really care about safety? About human life? How much regulation will the left force onto us?

Will we lose our freedom to even choose the car we drive?

Sorry, I feel safe in my EVIL Ford Expedition.


lost car keys said...

i love to drive skoda.

Paul Socha said...

Lost your keys,thanks for the comment. Hope you find em.

Looks like a nice car, especially the Octavia , how much in US $$$?

Have a GREAT week.

Berry Laker