Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tuition Increase

From JSOnline.

Guess I will look for a second and maybe third job for son # 2's tuition at MU next year. Holy cow!

Maybe I can try to be a Wal Mart greeter.
"MU to increase tuition by 3.5% for 2009-'10
By Erica Perez of the Journal Sentinel

Jan. 23, 2009 | Marquette University will increase undergraduate tuition for next academic year by 3.5%, to $28,680, officials announced in a letter to students and families this week.

That's a $960 increase over this year's price tag of $27,720, and is the lowest percentage tuition increase, on average, in 30 years, university officials said.

The letter from Marquette President Father Robert Wild told families the university is financially stable with adequate cash reserves, conservative budgeting and investment policies, and contingency plans in place.

Wild said Marquette had done everything it could to keep the tuition increase down by containing costs elsewhere, and that the school would work with families facing financial difficulties so that they could stay at Marquette.

Marquette has already said it will add an additional $4 million in its fiscal year 2010 budget for student financial aid." Sick leave lawsuit assigned to fourth judge this week - JSOnline

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