Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rush / Edison School, Dan's Bake Sale Moment

From the Green Bay Press.
"Limbaugh teaching civics in Green Bay? Stay tuned Conservative host offers lesson after complaint about inauguration radio broadcast at Edison • January 22, 2009 " Limbaugh teaching civics in Green Bay? Stay tuned | | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Rush Limbaugh is offering to teach a civics lesson to a Green Bay middle school after a teacher complained about his radio show's presentation of Tuesday's presidential inauguration broadcast throughout the school that included the conservative commentator's opinions.

Come on Edison, take up his offer. What are you afraid of?
"The radio was tuned to WTAQ News Radio, which during that time slot, broadcast the ceremonies through the Rush Limbaugh show," Brooker said. "During the time, Limbaugh provided commentary. Once realizing the form of the commentary through which the ceremonies were being broadcast, the station was turned to another broadcast of the inauguration.

How come we didn't hear about the school changing the station before? Some closet conservative in the office will be fired over this. Watch and see.
I wonder if the school would receive this offer in good faith," Limbaugh said on his show. "I'll go up there, I'll do a couple lectures on civics, give some students a ride on (my private jet) and give economics to them if the middle school in question is interested."

What a teaching moment that would be. I would pay or donate to the school to see Rush at Edison. If the school is short on funding they could make this into a Dans Bake sale. School board, take him up on his offer.

Never will happen.

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