Monday, May 16, 2011

Romney, $10.25M Can't Buy Votes

$10.25 million is not enough.

Romney phone bank raises $10.25M in a single day - Yahoo! News
"LAS VEGAS – Mitt Romney wants his money to show his might.
The all-but-declared Republican presidential contender, who has kept his head low for much of the year as he collected cash, raised $10.25 million in a single day Monday after bringing together his network of wealthy donors to dial for dollars in a city with no shortage of them. It's a hefty one-day total that Romney's team hopes will show his strength in the emerging GOP field.
Romney's phone bank fundraiser at the Las Vegas Convention Center, much like one during his first attempt at the Republican nomination, was the centerpiece of a series of fundraising events that included a conference call with volunteers who were asked to solicit their friends and neighbors for donations."

Since Romney started OBAMA CARE, no matter how much money he raises, it's not enough to buy the conservative vote. 

The Tea Party goes forward without Mitt Romney. 

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